Goals & Activities

Our goal is to revitalize the Lakota language by creating new generations of Lakota speakers.

We have been working at accomplishing our mission and vision since our creation in January 2007, by offering programs that are designed to teach and promote the use of the Lakota language and culture.

These programs include:

  • TUSWECA Magazine
  • Development of a Lakota language website
  • Teaching & learning materials
  • Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Network
  • Tusweca Tiospaye Lakota Language Classes
  • Tusweca Tiospaye Lakota Hand-game Classes and Workshops
  • Development of Lakota Dakota Nakota language
  • Annual Tusweca Tiospaye Lakota Hand-game Tournament
  • Annual Tusweca Tiospaye Pow-wow
  • Annual Tusweca Tiospaye Lakota Summer Camp
  • Annual Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit